• Kat Johnston Sketch - a little cross-hatch creature lept upon my idle page, he settled down quite peacefully, to sit there for an age.
  • It was one of those mornings in which I just had to set pen to paper and let it do its own thing until something peeks its little head out at me and says ‘I’m what you have to draw’. Trying to draw something with perfect lines and enviable form was just not on the books today, so, I started hatching. A tail became apparent. I started hatching a little more and a little body appeared, soon to be topped by the most adorable cross-hatched muzzle you ever did see.

    Above is the little cross-hatched creature that snuck onto my page to settle down for a spell. I think he’s actually rather adorable, for all that he is just a mess of lines all bundled up together. Sometimes the mess of lines all bundled up together are the best.