• Kat Johnston Sketch - it is just really really nice to be able to stumble across a picture you've drawn... and just smile.
  • Title of today’s post is a line from a song I like, just to explain that one up front. Ok, and now onto something about the actual sketch!

    I must have actually done this little bit of sketching last week, but I stumbled onto it again last night while flicking pages back and forth trying to decide exactly which wonderful page was the one I was going to write on for the night. As if you can’t tell (if you’ve been reading for a while), I have about a trillion books and note-pads and so forth that I write and draw in; there really is no rhyme or reason as to which I might pick up one day over the next, save perhaps for the fact that some are ‘put aside’ for certain purposes.

    Well, last night I stumbled onto this little patch of random sketching in this little particular notepad and you know what? It made me smile. I love when I can do that to myself: draw something, come back to it, and just smile. It may just be that it is a fun little selection of faces all beaming and smiley and just as pleased as punch, but it does happen with other images too. The unwise owl is a good example of that. It is just an illustration I could not be more pleased to have drawn. Owls, or even mimes doing spirit fingers: easy way to make me smile. I mean, who can resist spirit fingers?

    I’m really not sure where this post is going… perhaps its just trying to shine a light on the fact that I think that it is brilliant that my own little sketches can affect me, even if they never once affect a single other person. I’d love for everyone in the world to crack a grin at one of my sketches, but even if it reaches no-one else, I have me. And if a picture can make me smile… the day’s just that little bit brighter then, now, isn’t it?