• Kat Johnston Sketch - Oh toes! Did someone steal something from this adorable child? Perhaps their innocence? Dignity?
  • Another sketch in the same note-pad the picture from yesterday is drawn in too, albeit on another page in said note-pad. I guess everything needs balance – a page full of happy smiley faces, and another with the tear-filled, plaintive mewling of a child whose kitty just got taken away from them… or something like that.

    The funnier thing, perhaps, is that both of these drawings were likely sketched on the same evening… not so funny, maybe, when you think that take away the tears and tweak a line or two, and it might look as if he is screaming out in pure joy, as if he’s wide-eyed and scared happily half to death on the Super-Mega-Monster-Roller-Coaster-Of-DOOOM. It actually fascinates me that the expression for one and the other isn’t all that far different, really – a few squiggles separates one from the other on a page, really, when it is simplified down as much as these quick sketches are.

    On an entirely different note, light coloured cats + black clothing = need for endless supply of lint brushes. I would give up one or the other, but I happen to love my cats and black never goes out of fashion. Ah well… C’est la vie!