[image title=”Randomly happy… that’s about it, really.” size=”large” id=”798″ align=”center” alt=”Randomly happy… that’s about it, really.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Its a Saturday, so really, this is just a quick post to get it out of the way and get back to the things that matter: finishing writing documentary proposals, eating lunch (subway in this case) and relaxing for the afternoon.

Just for your interest though (since I am being a good girl and posting), this is the 121st post for this blog! 121 images that I have created and thrown up for your viewing peasure. I entirely forgot to throw something up at the 100 posts mark, and even skipped merrily by 110, and 120… so it is right that it gets a mention now, even if it isn’t one of those fancy well-rounded even numbers that everyone seems so fond of. Here’s to 121: a great number by all accounts.