[image title=”Ogres are annoying… especially when they go trampling my dandelions.” size=”large” id=”801″ align=”center” alt=”Ogres are annoying… especially when they go trampling my dandelions.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Another very quick, very rough little drawing (its Sunday… what can I say?) to make sure that I’ve got today covered in the ‘creative product a day’ vein. This one has a story.

Since last week, I have been craving a particular type of strawberry flavoured chocolate (this one here) which I can only obtain (in bulk) by getting in a car with my lovely husband and driving over to the other side of town. So, this morning, the conversation went something like this:

Him: So, what do you want to do today?

Me: Go to Sunnybank.

Him: Why? What do we have to go way over there for?

Me: Candy.

Him: But there’s a supermarket less than five…

Me: Candy.

Him: But the…

Me: Candy.

Him: Just down the road, supermarket, full of can…

Me: Strawberry chocolate candy. Here’s your keys.

And thus, the rather quick, rather immature battle of the wills was won. Sucker.

Our car is parked out the front of the house, on a little brick drive-way thingie that curves through the front yard. I was admiring the field of dandelions we currently have taking up most of our excuse for a front yard, as I danced blissfully towards our awaiting chariot to take me to the mythical candy.

For those that haven’t been reading for a while, you might not realize that I rather like dandelions. Whether dandelion clocks (which rarely tell the right time), or full bloom in their pretty little yellow glory, these unappreciated flowers are just gorgeous to me.

James knows I like dandelions. He also knows that he is going to have to drive. For over an hour there and back. To get candy.

I jump into the car, blissfully unaware of his evil scheme, my eyes wide and shiny with wonder at the wonderful world around me, all full of potential and greatness and cuddleyness and dandelion fields. I turn to my loving husband, with all his grumbling and his moaning, gently stroking a hand by his knee as I quietly whisper with downcast eyes, ‘Thank you so much, sweetheart, for driving me across town. I really do appreciate it, you know. You’re so wonderful, and sweet, and kind.’

He flicks the ignition and the car growls into life, its sound harsh against the twitter-tweet of the blue birds perching on the tree-branches close by. With that, James turns, a maniacal look glimmering deep in the recesses of his wild, bloodshot eyes as he jerks the car forward to crush my precious dandelions, singing ‘I’m an ogre, I’m an ogre, no dandelions for you!’

‘Why oh why did you crush my dandelions, my love?’ I whimper, as I look towards him with glassy, tear-filled eyes.

‘I’m a ogre. Its my job to crush dandelions.’

With that, we drove away… and I got my strawberry chocolate candy. But at what price? So many pretty dandelions, so ruthlessly murdered under the tires of a rather vengeful ogre’s car. AND I still have to live with the damn ogre, who will live to crush again.

Where oh where is my prince, to save me from the ogre, sweep me off my feet and avenge the deaths of so many innocents? Or at least get me strawberry chocolate candy on demand without having to crush dandelions needlessly in the process?

Disclaimer: events may have been changed just a teensie weensie bit for dramatic effect. Eg, my eyes weren’t so tear-filled, and my fist may have just connected to his arm at that point. Other than that… all true, promise. Especially the blue birds. Blue birds rock.