[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch – little quickie dandelion-inspired ramblings on a piece of lined paper.” size=”large” id=”818″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch – little quickie dandelion-inspired ramblings on a piece of lined paper.” linkto=”viewer” ]

This, my dears, is laziness. Pure laziness. This is ‘I don’t feel like drawing anything really today’ at its finest.

I picked up a pen, and this is what we’ve got: dandelion-inspired type flowers, because I still have dandelions on the mind. In fact, I even went and plucked one of my childhood books off of the shelves to read one little story again since I was talking about dandelions on here yesterday. Its one that has stuck with me since I was a little kiddley-wink.

I still have most of my childhood books – you can’t believe how fantastic it was to be able to collect them from my parent’s house a couple of years back and bring them to rest in my own little library, where they should be. I love them to utter bits. But, I’ve digressed… let me tell you a little about the story.

It is called ‘Thirteen O’Clock’, by Enid Blyton and it tells the story of a little boy called Sandy who blows at a marvellous dandelion clock – puff, puff, puff! He counts the hours, as we all should do, and reaches the magical fae hour of thirteen o’clock (no, not military time, a magical little hour that lies between twelve and one – happens only once in a blue moon, you know). With that, his adventure begins – the regular sort of stuff of Enid Blyton fairy tale… you know, witches and pixies and magic brooms and morals which aren’t so subtle when you look at it twice.

I loved those stories as a child: I still do. I go back and actually read the books I read as a kid. Although the language is more simple than what I might read on a day to day basis, my lord, they are still great stories. The incredible visions that can be bought to mind with just a few words, their ability to spark the imagination, to make you remember that despite the fact that you still have to find a way to pay the bills next week there is still wonder in the world… I just love it.

Now, this is not the only reason that I like dandelions… but it is one of them. Ever since first reading that story, I have picked dandelion clocks and puffed, puffed, puffed, counting off the hours, hoping that just that once… I might reach thirteen.