• Kat Johnston: IOU one actual drawing. Yes, one that doesn't come with dandelions or flies or faces or kitty cats, just because I am too lazy to do anything really actually creative.
  • A little hand-written note for you today! I need to get posting out of the way early, so that I can get back to polishing off my second-last assignment of the semester: a marketing plan. I’m sending myself incremental updates as I go, just in case something, heaven forbid, happens between today and tomorrow, when it is due in.

    Our faculty isn’t like others: you don’t just get marked down if its a day late, you fail. There’s no excuses, unless you were somehow involved in an industrial accident, or crashed your car (and are near-dead because of it), or something else major and unstoppable that keeps you from being able to hand it in exactly on time, to the minute. I, for one, am really not up for staging such an affair, since I rather enjoy having all my limbs attached and don’t particularly like bleeding for the cause, so much easier just to have back-ups in a place other than my own personal computer.

    I’m so close to graduating, I’m not letting this machine screw it up for me if it decides to take a day-trip to the planet of Not-worky-worky.

    Ok… I have to get back to my assignment and get it looking all nice and shiny so that it dazzles my lecturer into a state of near-hypnosis, ensuring that she will recieve the not-so-subtle message of ‘write an A, write an A’ as she reads it. The paper, lightly watermarked with ‘give the damn girl an A’ all over it might hopefully help too. I know they don’t like subliminal messages in advertising, but does it really count if its just in an assignment? Hmm… I guess only time will tell.

    Two more days. Then freedom is mine.