• Kat Johnston: Here we have an illustration of the standard 'marketing assignment of doom', seen in its natural habitat... isolated from absolutely anything to do with actual reality.
  • And this is the picture I put together quickly this morning to have something to throw up to go with the post below. Phew! Ok… back to work… again.

    I’m writing another post to be published fairly early today: I am still working away rather studiously on my final assignments to have them all perfect and squeaky clean and fresh to be handed in. I can’t get too excited and relax quite yet. I still have to make sure that these are done and dusted and perfectly perfect just to make sure that I pass with flying colours and never have to see university again… at least for this degree.

    Actually, I am writing this post so early, its kinda still the day before it is published… ohhh, spooky. I haven’t drawn or captured the picture to go with yet (says me in the past, while this is still yet unpublished). I will add that in the morning, when I need another break from the last mad dash towards the finishing line. Just two more days. Two more days, and academic freedom is mine. I hope. Heaven forbid something goes wrong, because I think I would scream bloody murder and tear something down if that were to happen.

    Now… onto what I was actually going to talk about today. Does anyone else find it incredibly and brilliantly amusing that the anchovy snacks my hubby bought while we were at the Asian market the other day is produced by a brand called ‘Miaow Miaow’ with a little grinning cat as their logo?I love it. Its wonderful. It gives me wonderful platform to mock my husband, further implying that he is eating glorified cat-food.

    Ok, that is the end of my crazy, rambling late-night ravings. I may edit this a touch more in the morning, before I post it, but the likelihood is that I won’t. Time for me to enjoy some sweet strawberry chocolate candy thingies, and do some more tippity typing while I’m up for it. More later!