• Kat Johnston - yup... its officially true. I've cracked. Ok, not really, but by the look of that little face... I don't think I'd want to get on Pinky here's crazy...er side. Never trust a person that smiles too much - taint natural to be too happy.
  • I’m doing another advance write-up for today, even though I haven’t yet done the picture to go in here. It just seems easier when I know that, again, I am going to be working fairly solidly throughout the day on last-minute polishing of assignment work before I hand in my very last assignment ever (one would hope).

    Tomorrow (as in the day after this is posted, not at the time it is actually written), I am heading off to Sydney for a few days to attend a housewarming, get away from things, spend some time with friends and all that jazz. In short: uni over, time to relax. At least for a little while.

    Now, to be honest, I’m not even sure that the people that I am staying with have a scanner. I’m not so sure how my commitment to an image a day is going to go while I am down there. However, I know that there has to be at least one digital camera around, and if all else fails, I can still write a post and put up a nice big IOU. Hell, I might even fall back on doing something with a mouse in Paint if it means that there is something up to continue this project exactly as it is meant to continue.

    I’ve become rather attached to it. I haven’t missed a day in quite a while, and I don’t really plan to miss a day just because I am out of town, either. There might be some sporadic posting times, depending on when I happen to be online, but hopefully I can still stick with the commitment of a creative product a day. We’ve all seen some of the doozies I’ve thrown up before when I’ve been strapped for time or resources – it kinda just goes to show to me that it doesn’t matter. It is the continued resolve, not the actual images themselves that make this particularly worth-while to me. Yes, the pictures are important. They’re vitally important. They’re what this is all about. But if it takes a few shabby ones up with the rest to stay in the habit of doing what I love, then so be it. See you in Sydney!