• Yay for the wonders of microsoft paint. And a mouse. Oh my lord, I'm stuck with a mouse... at least for now
  • I shall do something a touch more significant tomorrow, perhaps… or at least find a way for Jaki to connect her little tablet up and get me working a touch better on it. I don’t mind working with paint, its just hard to do so at 3pm when the good part of the day has passed you by and you’re going ‘oh wait… ok… better get something up’. So for now… this is something.

    There is also a digital camera available down here… so technically I could draw something and take a photo of it to get it up here. That might be a method… mmm… Either way, I might make it a mission to find inventive ways to get piccies up while I am here. There is, for example, a bottle of tomato sauce beside me with one of the little nozzles, and I happen to know that miss Jaki has a rather large roll of brown craft paper. Can anyone say ‘impromptu tomato-sauce art’ please? That’s easy to take a photo of.

    Actually… that’s not a half bad idea. Perhaps I might wrangle someone into it later.