• I need to get home... to a computer that works faster than this. Firefox should not take a full minute to load.
  • I’m cheating and posting a picture of something I have made in SL because there is no scanner here, no-one else is home, so I can’t steal a camera from them, and I really can’t be bothered to try and traverse paint again for the most part. That said, paint was just my editing software for this picture because I needed to crop it down a touch. I’m telling you… I feel cut off.

    But hey, you work with what you can get I suppose. The picture, by the way, is mainly to show off the choker she is wearing, that I made a couple of weeks ago. Zoom in closer for a better peek at it – clicking on the picture should, theoretically, bring up the larger version and all.

    Mmm, okie dokey… I think I am going to head back to my all-important relaxation techniques now – playing Phoenix Wright on my DS. I’m just about to break the case and blow it all apart with my supreme awesomeness and detectoring skills… or… something like that. God that game is addictive.