[image title=”Cute little starsies upon a blackened sky.” size=”large” id=”849″ align=”center” alt=”Cute little starsies upon a blackened sky.” linkto=”viewer” ]

When I get home, I will post some little pictures that I’ve actually drawn while here. I’ll be happy when I am back home to my own little computer, and Poe (that’s the computer, by the way), I promise never to complain about you again. It isn’t that this computer is all that bad, I just miss having everything set up just as I like it, with everything close to hand – templates where I need em, editing software more advanced than Microsoft Paint, my wacom tablet and a scanner… That and my own little computer chair – even if it isn’t quite perfect, its certainly mine.

Anyhow… enjoy my starsies. I promised a little something each day – just be happy that within a couple of them I can return to the regular programming! Mmmm, hand-drawn sketches full of love and happiness and, uhhh, a touch more skill *laughs*

That’s all for today folks – be well!