• Kat Johnston Sketchbook - I love the images that seemingly appear randomly out of no-where. Steamy showers are good for that.
  • How’s that for an evocative post title! It is connected, I swear. You see, while staying in Sydney I had a wonderful warm (and, uhh, steamy) shower. Now, I’m pretty sure this happens to everybody – but I see things. When little streamlets of water pool together, or the folds of a shirt sit just right, they’ll give me little pictures – something leaps out from it that says ‘nope, I’m not random, I swear’. Kinda like jesus popping out on a piece of toast, really. This is what the image I’ve put up today was – while I was having my wonderfully warm and steamy shower, this little picture popped up. After I was done, uhh, showering, I raced to my room, grabbed my sketchbook (one of about 6 I had on my trip) and scribbled it down just before the steam evaporated quite away.

    I am so incredibly glad to be home again. It was bliss sleeping in my own bed last night, even if Penny was still giving me the cold shoulder until part-way through this morning. It was adorable. I got home, called out for her, and she raced to the bedroom door and peeked through, seemingly excited to see that I was back. She then put her nose quite haughtily up in the air and walked right past me, refusing entirely to be snuggled all evening.

    Penny is a momma’s girl (she’s a cat, by the way) and was not exactly pleased that I had abandoned her for days and days on end. I think that she might have forgiven me now… I’m not quite sure, but the mewling and the ‘snuuuugggggggles, I need snuuuuuugggles’ (rough translation) is the hint to me that I might just be back in the ‘perhaps you are useful for something, human’ books with my Pen-Pen. I knew it wouldn’t take long until she caved. Ahh, tis good to be home.

    Oh, finally getting around to sorting out some more pictures to go up onto my flickr account… so check it out sometime soon! Link in the side-bar to take you right there.