• Bernice is happy happy... which is a wonderful change from the recent duldrums.
  • Finally. A nice, happy character after days of ‘not quite there yet’. Her name is Bernice, and she’s a cheerful little poppet today!

    A rather short, unrelated story. Last night, James, my loving husband, came downstairs with a coffee for each of us. He spoils me rotten by making me coffees and teas on request, even though… and I am somewhat (sorta) ashamed to admit, I don’t make quite so many for him in return. Last night, he bought down a packet of doritos as well. While coffee and doritos may not seem like a logical pairing, they certainly work if you happen to be hungry… and like coffee too. He was not so forthcoming with handing them over though. I was polite. I was nice. I got no chips, so I must admit, I got a touch snippy. The resultant conversation went something like this:

    Me: Hey, give me my chips.

    James: Those aren’t your chips, they’re my chips.

    Me: And you’re -my- husband. Give me my chips.

    Needless to say, he folded under the brilliance of my flawless logic. Yay for chips!