[image title=”Just another little owl who sits upon my page.” size=”large” id=”878″ align=”center” alt=”Just another little owl who sits upon my page.” linkto=”viewer” ]

This drawing was done last night, while chatting to a friend of mine. She has a certain love of owls, so this is just what sprung to mind as I was sitting there with a notebook and the pen of the day… still the green one, as you can see, because it was close to hand and thankfully, still working.

I’m going to share with you what I have been doing for the morning thus far. I’ve been sitting back and watching the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Its worth every single minute and yes, I did tear up. I’m a wuss. I know that he is one of those people that would have affected so many lives in so many ways… even if he himself didn’t even know it. He acknowledged himself some of the people who really had that great influence on him too.

I wonder sometimes whether some of the people I have known and have affected me in such a way even know about it. I can thank, for example, one particular teacher for giving me the drive and belief in myself enough to go to university, rather than take the other options that had been laid before me. Honestly, it even affected my decision to take it further, to do my Masters. Lord knows if I will ever go on to do a PhD, but if I do, I will still acknowledge that that particular person is partly to thank for that. I doubt that they even realize it.

Its a funny thing, isn’t it? We all make our little marks on the world and sometimes don’t even have a clue. I know that I can recount things that made a big difference in my life that to others isn’t even a part of their own memory any more because it lacked the importance to be retained.

Its just odd, I guess, the importance we place on some things that is insignificant, really, to another; the poem you showed your 6th grade teacher, who turned around and said ‘keep going’, even though they didn’t have to, or that friend you’d capture lizards and frogs with and then learned more about with. Did you know that the real name for the cane-toad is ‘bufo marinus‘? Even just single, blessed moments, like ripples in a pool (to use that tired old metaphor), I can name dozens that wouldn’t even start to be remembered by other people, but were significant to me.

Funny, huh?