• Kat Johnston - I have an inkling that a certain little somebody might be to blame for cotton-buds being scattered from one side of the room to the other.
  • I have a feeling a certain little someone (who will remain nameless… *cough cough* Lolita *cough cough*) is responsible for the current state of my bathroom. You see, I went and had a nice little nap, awoke, and during that time, somebody had strewn the entire contents of a packet of 400 cotton-buds from one side of the room to the other. Not one guilty party seemed to want to own up to it though.

    Lets just say that this little picture is my way of drawing what that certain someone might look like if they were human and trying on the ‘oh, wait, there are cotton-buds everywhere in the bathroom? I am just as shocked as you are, and further, I cannot believe that you thought that I might be responsible for this absolute travasty!’ type look. Lolita nails the look as a kitten just fine… and she wouldn’t acutally look like that as a human, I think… but it still gets the point across. It really doesn’t matter how incredibly naughty she is – our Lolita gets away with it every time.