• Kat Johnston - this is Teddy T. Bear... why the name? Just because. It suits, even if it is unoriginal.
  • I’m getting the post out of the way early today, so that I can get back on with the rest of my weekend. The little sketch for today is of a little bear… Teddy T. Bear, in fact. Count your blessings – so far as unoriginal names go, it could go further and be ‘Ted E. Bear’, and I agree that just does take it a step too far to the left. Anyhow, I happen to think he’s cute!

    No big story today, or even little one… I think it might be good to take a break from the longer posts on the weekend, to keep me properly limber for the weekdays. Either that, or I’m just being lazy. Probably the latter more than the former. On the up-side, it means that you don’t have to read so much if you do happen to read the posts as well as look at the pretty pretty pictures.

    Ok, I’m off to lay down for a bit, then get my wacom set up properly on the computer again! I have photoshop brushes to make.