• Just a random flowery thingie inspired by the outfit I'm wearing.
  • Today’s post is a little later in the afternoon than I usually post… I blame it on the fact that it is a Sunday. Another picture drawn in green biro: its becoming a habit. Its actually because its the only pen on my actual computer desk at the moment, save for my wacom pen… which, while useful, doesn’t actually draw on paper all that well, being as it only works on the wacom tablet.

    Anyhow, today’s picture is just a little something whipped up quickly to go up on here – it was inspired by the dress that I’m wearing today. I’m slumming it around the house in something I’d like to refer to as ‘bedsheet couture’. In other words, light, loose, comfortable and severely unflattering. That said, I, my husband and my brother-in-law are the only people who have to see me in it, therefore, I’m all for the comfort over style! I have the air conditioning on, a light breeze wafting through the room, a good book to get back to… life doesn’t really get much better than this.

    Hope y’all are having a great weekend too, I have a book to get back to!