[image title=”Zombie Jeebus version 2 – with a touch of colour and a catchy line :P” size=”large” id=”902″ align=”center” alt=”Zombie Jeebus version 2 – with a touch of colour and a catchy line :P” linkto=”viewer” ]

Not a ‘new’ picture, but an extension on the one from yesterday. Lets face it, Zombie Jeebus just rocks, so I had to give him a touch of colour to make him seem more alive. Wait… is that right? Something seems wrong with that previous statement. Well, that aside, ya gotta admit, he does look good for a dead man.

So… what should I write to go with this picture? I kinda covered a lot of it yesterday, so today, I’m just going to cover a couple of extra bits and pieces.

First off, the second coming of Christ is not going to be some divine event where a beam of light peeks through the clouds, with the sound of violins and bluebirds chirping in the trees with the Lord our savior descending with arms outstretched. Keep an eye out at zombie flash mobs. Far more likely. Zombie Jeebus likes to be among his own kind – the sorta-not-really undead.

If you have a Zombie Jeebus chasing you, do not pray. I repeat, do not pray! Zombie Jeebus has a direct tap into the devine phone-line, so if you’ve just found an awesome hiding spot, don’t give it away. Pray, and you become a big fat blip on his radar again. Do you really want to be a blip?

Try to remain calm, and don’t get Zombie Jeebus mixed up with other supernatural entities, like vampires. It has not been tested (that I know of), but showing him a crucifix and flinging holy water on a Zombie Jeebus may actually even -increase- his power. Do you really want to risk it?

In the end, you just have to face the fact that its all one big fat conspiracy. There’s a zombie, a ghost, and a voodoo master who makes people outta clay running the show. That’s who we have in the big house upstairs. If horror movies are anything to go by, that’s probably not a good combination.

Ok, that’s all folks!