[image title=”A cute little girl with a fish bowl on her head. Fun, huh?” size=”large” id=”909″ align=”center” alt=”A cute little girl with a fish bowl on her head. Fun, huh?” linkto=”viewer” ]

Yesterday a bird, today a fish… I’m considering something else for tomorrow. A rat? I like rats… perhaps a headdress made entirely of itty bitty flies, all delicately perched on elaborately woven strands of hair twisted and tortured and sprayed into perfect place. Yay for animal couture!

I don’t actually suggest that anyone try to balance a fishbowl with a hairband – one would have to have absolutely fantastic balance to ensure that the fish were not endangered by the moving. I also think that one would also have to consider that having real sand in the bottom might not be the best idea, with every little partial nod disturbing it… Hell, considering that they don’t even like you tapping on the glass in aquariums, lets just face it: this is not a good idea. That said, it does kinda look cool!

I had a little time, since this was initially drawn last night, therefore I did a quick little colouring for it, just for kicks. Nothing too fancy, just a few minutes this morning after coming downstairs to see that the lower half of the house had been partially flooded. There’s major storms in Brisbane at the moment and the house we live in doesn’t appear to be entirely water-tight when assulted by pelting after pelting of summer storm rains. That said, however, I would much rather have half a lounge-room of wet carpet over some of the devastation visited on other parts of the city. Hey, gotta see the fun side of it, huh? My carpet currently goes ‘squish’ when you walk from one side of the room to the other.