[image title=”Mmm, I’m not sure about this girl… but the name seemed appropriate.” size=”large” id=”916″ align=”center” alt=”Mmm, I’m not sure about this girl… but the name seemed appropriate.” linkto=”viewer” ]

As per usual, just quick postings for the weekends. I quickly threw together this sketch when I had a few moments, because I need to put something up! The name ‘Bedraggled’ popped into my head, so its stuck. I love the word bedraggled. It is an awesome word. It makes me think of things like if ‘bedazzled’ is based on the word ‘dazzle’ and ‘bejewelled’ is based off the word ‘jewelled’, what exactly a damn draggle is. As it is, the word does actually exist (to soil by dragging over damp ground or in mud according to dictionary.com), yet it brings to mind other such fantastic visions. I propose that we provide alternative definitions. A draggle need not be so boring as ‘to be dragged through dirt or mud’, especially when it is such a brilliant word either by itself or with ‘be’ in front of it. So… here are a few alternative suggestions by yours truly.

Draggle – A dragon who likes to haggle. I suggest that you don’t try to get too good a deal with them, because lets face it, if they don’t get a bargain you might just end up as a crispy-strip. Example of usage: ‘The draggle threatened to turn me into ash if I didn’t sell him my turban for a dollar.’

Draggle – The motion one makes when they are trying desperately to get the last little bit of dip from the container, scraping rapidly with a cracker even though there is no way they are going to get enough to classify it as a proper dollop of dip. Example of usage: ‘I couldn’t get enough dip, even with a concerted effort at draggling.’

Draggle – A word uttered when frustrated, often considered a synonym to ‘damn’ but without the possible stigma attached to the word. Example of usage: ‘Oh draggle, I knew I’d be late today!’

Anyhow… there are a few off the top of my head. Can you think of any more?