• The 'O rly' owl is generally such a happy, peppy fellow... lets see what the other 'O rly' looks like.
  • The ‘O rly’ owl is a cute little fellow. He’s a snowy white owl sporting the simple little litters ‘O RLY?’ beneath him. For those who have never seen or heard about him, check out the wiki. Now I for one like the phrase, but to me, one side of it only has been covered – the incredulous ‘oh really?’ as opposed to the other that I rather like. The one dripping with barely contained sarcasm after being told either something you already know (that they know you know), or perhaps just after you’ve been told such a tall tale that it barely belies belief for a moment, let alone serious consideration. Well… those are a couple of em, anyway. I’m sure it works in many more situations too.

    Thus, I present to you, my own little ‘O rly’ owl. The owl who says ‘meh’ soon afterwards. Not the incredulous, perhaps shocked or surprised type, but the rather more realistic and perhaps a touch disenchanted type. The type that has a wry upwards curl to the edges of their beak (since we are, after all, talking about owls right now). The kind that can deliver such a line with the appearance of dead-pan seriousness, even if their words might have an inflection of amusement.

    That is Archibald, the alternative ‘O Rly’ owl.

    Oh, by the way, on an entirely unrelated but still rather interesting note, take a peek at this great article about emerging trends in logo design. Its interesting even if you’re not a design person, promise!