• Just the letter K, drawn last night as I watched a few episodes of this and that... probably not finished, but probably never will be.
  • Yup, just as the title suggests. When faced with a new little sketchbook (and I have been buying two of these little ones every time I go to the Kelvin Grove Markets) I am forced into doing something of note on the first page. This time I went ‘screw it’ and just started sketching this K. It probably isn’t finished, it probably never will be, and shall certainly never recieve any typography awards. That said, for a ‘just start sketching and see where it goes’ type letter, it isn’t doing too badly.

    I have decided, for some reason, that if I have numerous of these little notebookie-thingies, that I won’t be so concerned about screwing up in them. Yay for fooling myself. Annnnyhow… I am not going to write anything of great note right now. Not here, in any case. I have to go get suitably attired for leaving the house, so that I can go grab some milk and foodstuffs down at the shop. More tomorrow!