• Mmmm, leading into the Christmas season is good for one thing: cherry availability.
  • Delicious fresh cherries are just the most fantastic thing in the world to behold, are they not? For lack of ‘little’ drawing today, I threw that together as I ate my lunch: a whole little baggie of cherries.

    I finally started sketching out something on a canvas, to paint in later. Its taken me a while to start up on that track again, buuuuut… it had to happen sooner or later. I won’t take a picture of my rough sketching for the start of that yet – it is hardly worth a mention (and I can’t be bothered to pick up a camera). That said… if I actually get my butt into my studio and get my hands all messy with paint, you might actually see it done some time this year. Here’s a hint though, to get you thinking… it may or may not include a certain owl.