• Tis a carrot for the super bunnehs of doom who will take over the earth given half a chance.
  • Oh my, this is a late post for today, isn’t it? I’ve had a good day.

    Annnnyhow… onto my little silliness for today. Everyone is quick to agree that kitties certainly have the ability and drive to one day take over the world. They’re cunning, and none-too-subtle about letting people know that in the end, they really are smarter than we are.

    Bunnies, on the other hand… they’re sneaky. Just think of Br’er Rabbit. Now he was smart. So was Peter Rabbit… But most bunnies act all cute and cuddley and mindless. They’re keeping up the farce. I think that they’re actually plotting to take over the world. They’re just way better at keeping their hand hidden than cats are.

    Think about it… lull the trusting populace with chocolate Easter eggs and cuteness, then wham! World domination. As a result, I’ve decided that I need to start stockpiling carrots. I, for one, accept our new evil bunneh overloads. Just in case though, I think I’ll keep a little kitty kibble stock-piled just in case their revolution doesn’t get nyxxed before they succeed.