• I can't believe I misspelled 'priestie' as 'preastie' for this file name. Lord help me... I'm going to hell.
  • The Preastie Boys. Yes, I am that sad… but it still made me laugh. Can’t you just imagine them singing? ‘You’ve got to fight, for your right, to Chrisssssst-mas!’ Now I’m just trying to think up something witty with the use of ‘monk’ rhyming with ‘funk’.

    Is it wrong that I am so amused by such little things? That I love the basest, most punnish jokes as much as a well-wrought turn of humour? I think not. I don’t really ascribe to the ‘small things amuse small minds’ thing – I perfer being able to appreciate the simple things alongside the complex ones. Leads to a far happier existance, I think!

    Alrighty, I am going to head back to my work for the evening – trying to polish up my resume to get it all shiny and good for a job application. Wish me luck!