[image title=”Awww… little boy blue, come blow your horn?” size=”large” id=”957″ align=”center” alt=”Awww… little boy blue, come blow your horn?” linkto=”viewer” ]

Aww, there’s nothing cuter than something cute. And this little fellow is mighty cute now, isn’t he? I must admit, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything huge, or life-changing as my sketch today… then again, my recent sketches I’ve been putting up here haven’t been either. As a change, I did, however, decide to do my little sketch on blue paper instead of in the little sketchbook today – yay for shaking things up a bit!

Tis a funny thing, sketching. Some days, I can sit down with something perfectly planned and either execute it just as I imagined, or scowl at the paper in front of me while plotting its doom because it isn’t going right. Other days, there is none of that. There’s a piece of paper going ‘I need something drawn on me’, and so I do. I must admit, doing things that particular way is far more interesting to me when I am actually paying attention to something entirely different from the pen loosely grasped between my fingertips.

There is something almost zen-like about drawing without thinking – of course I think, but it is just such an instinctual process when my attention is elsewhere that it certainly feels as if I am not paying my drawing any attention. It is one of the reasons, I think, that I’ve always enjoyed drawing during class – it gives my hands something to do while my mind is focused elsewhere. Listening to music as I work is the same – it allows me to drift and focus simultaneously.

Other things follow a similar process at times – the more you think about something, the more it isn’t going to come right. Like thinking about typing – I can type perfectly fluidly, but the second I start thinking about it too much, I start to slip up, make mistakes, having to go for that silly backspace just a few too many times… interesting, huh?