[image title=”Gotta love random sketching…” size=”large” id=”961″ align=”center” alt=”Gotta love random sketching…” linkto=”viewer” ]

So, yesterday was the first day in a rather long time that I have missed making any post at all for this blog… If it helps, however, I had a rather good reason which I won’t disclose here. Want to know what is more annoying though? I even had the image (the first one in this post) waiting on the scanner and ready to go. I just never got around to actually scanning it.

As a result, I thought I would at least put up that picture that I had waiting there for yesterday, along with the one I scribbled into my little sketch-book for today. Tis only fair after all, yes?

[image title=”A strand of hair teased by the beak of a little blue bird…” size=”large” id=”962″ align=”center” alt=”A strand of hair teased by the beak of a little blue bird…” linkto=”viewer” ]

Annnnd, that was the second picture, drawn today. Phew! Hopefully tomorrow things can get back into their regular groove again.

Now, just for your amusement, a little log of a conversation I am having right this minute, with a certain name changed to protect the (apparently) innocent. We were talking about the movie ‘Australia’ which is now in cinemas (or so I have been told).

Kat’s Plucky Companion says:
All the droving scenes kinda made me miss being on the farm, being around big animals (we ran cattle, just like in the movie)

Kat says:
If you want, I can buy a packet of those little farm cows, the little plastic ones, from toy world… and then we can set it up on the green felt that we generally have on the coffee table… and we can get little plastic horsies, and herd them around, going ‘Yayyy! Cows!’

Kat’s Plucky Companion says:
*laughs riotously* I can just imagine the looks we would get for that!

Kat says:
Welllll… I don’t know… James is used to such things from me… he might raise an eyebrow when I got out the paints and started painting them pretty colours, then put them into positions as if they were making sweet, passionate cow-love to each other…
But then… probably not.