• The draggie thingies strike again, still laden with their bounty of bulbish goodness.
  • Sooooo… little draggie one quickly inspired me to pick up my horridly failing pen and draw another. I am getting very annoyed with my pens right now – one of the things that I have to rely on in my pens is continuity, but these ones are being utter pains when it comes to drawing in these little notebooks – I can’t get them to do as they are told at all.

    So yes… I drew a draggie number two… and it would hardly surprise me in the slightest if I sat down later and did a third to follow. They’re fun, they’re quirky, and oddly enough, I think they’re juuuust right. Even with a crossed out word and a ‘hmm, should I put the word ‘bright’ before idea, or is that toooo punnish?’ later, I think this one (who happens to be a girl this time… just look at that little bow on the tail!) is just pure skippity-dee. That means good, in Kat-mid-afternoon-speak.

    Dragons with light-bulbs amuse me. Who’da thunk it?