[image title=”This creature peeked forth without my real intervention… I think he’s cute. Talk about a light-bulb moment, huh?” size=”large” id=”978″ align=”center” alt=”This creature peeked forth without my real intervention… I think he’s cute. Talk about a light-bulb moment, huh?” linkto=”viewer” ]

Ahh, what can I say about this little creature of mine… I did not summon him forth, he crept onto my page of his own accord. I was just going to draw a light-bulb. Ok, ok, perhaps a light-bulb with wings on it. It was not to be.

You know, sometimes I draw with a purpose in mind, a way I want people to see things… not always, but sometimes. It often isn’t the case with sketches. Sketches seem to be my own little way of just… brainstorming, or working through ideas without actually having to ‘think’ them first. There isn’t the same pressure as doing actual work, since in the end, only I have to see it… unless we are talking about sketching in sketchbooks, which you’ve seen me tippity-type about before at length.

What is incredibly fun about sketching without much thought, is that if you are me, you see the thought behind it after the fact, or perscribe a meaning to it that wasn’t originally intended or sought. That is the case with this little fellow.

Laden with its own little meaning to me, I can shine a light on him a little… pun partially intended. A light-bulb moment: a sudden realization, for good or bad, concerning most anything. It isn’t always associated with a moment of divine inspiration, but also for that time when things just click into place and the light flicks on… a puzzle is solved, and the resultant realization is not always for the better. Then again, perhaps it is divine inspiration, after which it is going to be on your shoulders to see things through – while the idea itself is easy, the culmination of these thoughts into something credible may be far more difficult indeed. Now… what to do with all that.

For some, it might be easy, for others it is burdensome. In this particular little case, the load is not easy to bear, but my little creature gets by with a little determination, a touch of dark humor and perhaps a wry grin when asked why he has a light-bulb on his back. Coffee doesn’t hurt, either… That said, he’d better be careful – that bulb looks as if it might just consume him if he doesn’t watch out.

Anyhow, that is my sketch, with a little hint of what it kinda means to me, as the person who drew it with nary a thought in my head other than ‘I’m going to draw a light-bulb with wings’ to start off with.