[image title=”Half way there… half way through an actual sketchbook… I feel special.” size=”large” id=”990″ align=”center” alt=”Half way there… half way through an actual sketchbook… I feel special.” linkto=”viewer” ]

This is the middle pages of the little sketch-book that I have been posting the most pictures of recently. I’ve made it my goal to get it all full of pretty little pictures, and be happy with it just as it is, as a rather random, odd little assortment of somethings flung together by whatever cogs and wheels happen to turn in my silly little head.

So! This is the half way point… that funny little section where you can go ‘ok… it’s all downhill from here’ or alteratively ‘oh god, the first half doesn’t look that bad.. I’m nearing the end.. what do I do now if I somehow create something horrid in those last few pages?’

I’m actually feeling good about it. You see, I haven’t thrown up all the images drawn in the first half of this little sketchbook onto the blog – there are one or two in there I probably wouldn’t even show James unless he pointedly asked to see. But for some reason, I’m ok with it – its just one page, here and there… it’s nothing to be worried about because ‘tadaa!’ you can just turn the page and the one after just has to be that much better to make up for the one before.

Perhaps on a more positive note, I’m actually starting to see this little sketchbook as a place -just- to draw… for me. Screw everyone else – and don’t take that at offence, I just mean to say that it is for me, not anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to be able to show something brilliant and worthy of admiration, but, well, it just isn’t that important for this particular sketchbook. Another, that would not be the case – this, however, is different. Perhaps it is a good thing then that I’ve picked up these little cheapies for sketching in – far less pressure.

Alrighty, that is me over and done with for the night. Over and out!