• Carrots, plz, kthxbai. Translation: Excuse me good Sir/Madam, would you be so kind enough to pass the carrots?
  • Today I have been playing away in second-life, creating a trillion and one little bits and pieces – mostly virtual jewelry, but also just fun little things, for the heck of it. Umm… that means bunnies. Bunnies holding signs. I like bunnies. They’re cute!

    And deeeevious. They’re taking over the world one Easter-egg at a time. Just wait until that fateful day comes – and remember that I warned you first.

    Anyhow, I almost feel as if I should be writing something especially poignant these days, on this blog. I’ve started the big job-hunt now, so if people search for me online, this is what they’re going to find. I know that, and I do stand by each word I type, from the most nonsensical, to the odd attempts at humor, the silly to the serious. That said, I do wonder how it could be perceived by someone who wants to see me on a purely professional level.

    Well… I guess we’ll see. Cross your fingers for me, will you?