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So about a week ago, I tried roasted dandelion tea. I have rather a fondness for teas of most kinds, though I do tend to swerve away from the black teas. I prefer herbal, or green, though I am not adverse to an iced black fruit tea… does that even technically count as tea?

Anyhow, I like dandelions… and I like tea. The two don’t mix. I don’t know if it was the roasting that was the issue, but I have never, ever tasted a worse tasting tea. I’ve tried a fair amount of tea.

I’m not entirely sure whether to be disappointed, or glad. On the one hand, if dandelions don’t taste all that nice, I’m not sure that all that many people will be swooping onto my lawn to poach my dandelions, roast them and turn them into tea. On the other hand… well… I almost wish that it tasted as wonderful as they look and smell. I guess it just goes to show that some things are far more enjoyable alive and gorgeous than dead, shredded and shoved into a teensie tiny bag to be boiled in water.

Now that I think about it, a lot of things are better off that way!