• Kat Johnston - Helloooo! Tis another bunny, with another sign, in another sketch-book. Yay!
  • Phew! One more sketch up onto my magnificent blog, and this time it is… wait for it… another bunny. I’m just loving the doughey little creatures I’ve created for them. I’ve done other bunnies too, but these ones are just fun in their own way. I think I’m going to have to do a little dead dough-bunny too. Don’t worry, no actual bunnies will be harmed in the process, and the dead dough-bunny will actually rather enjoy being dead. He won’t be a zombie or anything… just… dead!

    Buuut, dead is not a way to start a new sketchbook. Not this one anyway, which is full of the life and vitality associated with green, in any case. So for now, a live bunny, for the next, fun death. That’s all for today, folks, have a good one!