[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch – this is a happy happy bunny! I like bunnies that are happy, don’t you?” size=”large” id=”1020″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch – this is a happy happy bunny! I like bunnies that are happy, don’t you?” linkto=”viewer” ]

Ahhh, no horribly late posting for today! Not incredibly early either, but what can you do? Its a weekend and we rearranged the whole lounge-room. Much more open and airy, thank god. I wasn’t 100% happy with the last set-up, and this one is far better. Well, I tihnk so anyway.

Right this second, I am sitting back and watching Road Trip on the other computer. Of all the movies in all the world, there are some that I simply must watch at least a few times a year: Road Trip is one. Empire Records would have to be another of them. They’re absolute classics of the greatest type.

I am a complete sucker for a well done comedy. Throw things like ‘Scary Movie’ and the like out the window though… I want some wit, some class, a few lines that will stay with you til the end of your days or at the very least some intelligence behind some of the humour. That’s not to say that I don’t love the basest type of comedy either, but for a whole movie, it needs a little something extra.

Its even better for me if a movie has some little bits and pieces which only tend to be seen if you actually look for them. Its something that I’ve liked to do every so often with my paintings in the past: hide a little something in it, so that only those who look at it properly, and take it all in will notice. I like the same things in movies – a bear walking in the background of a big extras scene, or an in-joke if you actually read the text on the side of a book in the bookshelf behind the characters… just little things that speak to a sense of thought and playfulness.

One that I heard about was a group of artists which collaborated with tv show producers to insert little bits and pieces into their shows… such as a bedspread covered with a graphical pattern of condom wrappers in the background of a teen’s room. It wasn’t so over the top that it was immediately noticeable, but when you looked closer, it became apparent. Little things like that just make my day.