• Kat Johnston - Its a bunneh with a flower and it is cute cute cute!
  • If I were standing in front of you right this second, I would sigh and say ‘I’m sorry’… followed soon after by a ‘not really, actually, but I feel I should say it anyway.’

    You see, these guys are really really fun and full of bunny-like goodness, so I can’t help but put them up. They make me smile. They may not be incredibly deep and meaningful, but I like them anyhow. Perhaps all together they tell a story – I haven’t gotten far enough through this little book to see yet. I guess we’ll just have to see, huh?

    So, no apologies and no false regret for me. I’m putting up another bunny, and I am more than happy to do so, at least for now. Next picture though, I really do need to try something without any green at all!