• Kat Johnston - its heartbreak... I hope the little bunny can get through it.
  • Said the bunneh, as his heart broke into two even pieces. He kept one – the other went to his love, whether he willed it or no. It would be a long time before that shattered portion could be regained, if ever. When a bunny’s heart is broken, it must quest to find the piece which was lost to them. It is not an easy thing to find, especially for a bunny who is so small and so sad, for having lost it in the first place. There are few things in life more disheartening to look upon than a depressed bunny.

    Oh my… what an odd little thing to think of today, hmm? I still have bunnies on the brain, it seems! I think I am going to have to search myself, for this little bunny’s heart… It saddens me to see him so sad, sitting there wistfully hoping for the pieces to be stitched back together with fine thread – always to leave a scar, but at least it would be whole again. Being a bunny is not easy, you know.