• Kat Johnston sketch - yes... another bloody bunny... don't blame me! I'm surrounded by them!
  • The past few days have been unfortunate indeed with regards to doing things for this website. Among other things, I’ve had my head buried deep in Second Life making an island for some friends… and then filling it with all types of fun stuff like octopuses holding knives and forks, elephants in inner-tubes and otters eating ice-cream. Well.. that and a lot of other fun things!

    Thus, I have been slaving away. That combined with other things just kinda got in the way of me posting for a few days – but here I am, back and badder than ever… or… is that better than ever?

    Anyhow, today’s picture is one of what my avatar in second life looks like right at this moment… though she won’t be staying that way for too long. On an entirely different note, I’m currently watching a clip from the old Alvin and the Chipmunks movie (not the new CGI thing)… the ‘Rock and Roll’ song. God I love it… I get so nostalgic over my old cartoons, and that particular movie was seriously cool. I loved Alvin and the Chipmunks and always had a slight crush on Simon… is it odd that I’m admitting I had a crush on a cartoon chipmunk?

    Anyhow, I just watched the clip… and then there was a second clip on there that was the same as the first, but the whole scene rather than just the song part, at a much better quality… poor James. He just went ‘why am I being made to listen to this a second time?’ I think I might need to remind me that that’s just one of the many reasons he loves me!

    Have a great night all!