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This isn’t a great sketch, but it is something! I’m going to share with you today something that happened on New Year’s Eve this year. I got the best text-message ever. Here it is word for word: “Hi Brian, just a quick message 2 wish you & joan a Happy easter & all the best for 1982 from all of us at the alzheimer’s society.”

It just has to be the most random, brilliant, wonderful text message ever, and one that goes down in my book as the funniest sms I have ever recieved. I was literally in tears of laughter over it with my husband, giggling away maniacally while formulating a suitable response. It went something along the lines of ‘I think you’ve forgotten the right number, because there’s no Brian here. Thanks for the best laugh all year.’

That’s my little story for the night. I’m off to watch another episode of Quantum Leap while laying back in my recliner and chomping on freeze-dried mango, joking with the husband. Now that, my friends, is the way to spend a good night in.