[image title=”Kat Johnston – Sunday’s child is full of grace…” size=”large” id=”1055″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston – Sunday’s child is full of grace…” linkto=”viewer” ]

But she is only for a few minutes longer. Tonight, like a couple of nights this week, I’ve just had to close my eyes in something nigh on sheer exhaustion. Thus, it is a late post tonight. In fact, I’m counting down the minutes to midnight. I’m glad that I woke in time to be able to see the post up instead of missing another day again this week – I already had the picture done, though not scanned in… just needed to get it up up up with a little bit of some writing to see it through as worth a day of reading.

Thus, today I give you Sunday’s Child… a gorgeous little lady with her own story to tell, and not one I have not the ability to tell in the six minutes remaining to me before the midnight hour tolls its late-night melody. For tonight I shall give you just her, instead… and tomorrow… I think I owe you one tale to be told, whispered in the sweet lilting tones of one whispering a half-song lullaby to a babe close to sleeping. Or perhaps just in a regular voice. That works too. But it doesn’t have quite the romanticism that the other has now, does it now?