[image title=”Kat Johnston Art – Look! Its sushi, and it has a little heart in it. Cute, huh?” size=”large” id=”1061″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Art – Look! Its sushi, and it has a little heart in it. Cute, huh?” linkto=”viewer” ]

No really, I swear. I’m still alive, able, and back. I have been nigh on beaten by my husband (figuratively, not literally) to hurry up and update my blog. For someone saying ‘I’ll post a thing a day,’ I have left a rather large gap in my posting, haven’t I?

Lets blame the holidays or something, shall we? Ok… no excuse. It just isn’t allowed. Truth is, I missed a couple of days because things got busy, and then afterwards, well… I let it slip. I’ve had my mind so much on something else that I’m doing, that this slid by the wayside for a couple of weeks. But… I’m going to make up for it!

I’m not sure if this is a good move or not, but I’m going to clue you in on a little something. You know how I’ve posted a couple of images of things that I’ve made in Second Life? Well, I’ve started actually getting half-way serious about it. Since October last year, I’ve been toying around with setting up my own little Second Life business, and the past few weeks I have been absolutely absorbed in what I’ve been doing there, which has been setting up a proper main-store for my shop.

What do I make? A little of everything, from suggestive food, to jewelry, to, well, bunnies! Just a little of anything that has come into my mind – I’ve been creating it and have been just enjoying myself far too much for words. So, with this post, and to make up for the fact that I’ve not posted here in far too long, I’m going to give you a link my flickr account for the Second Life me, where I post pictures for my store Sanu, among other things. I’ve done the internal debate as to whether I should combine my ‘real’ identity with my avatar’s, but the fact of the matter is… they are the same person, and I really don’t mind people knowing one, the other, or both. Besides… i

So, without further ado, please let me present Sanura Sakai, the Second Life me. There’s heaps of pictures that I’ve submitted here, and this flickr group contains pictures submitted by both myself and others regarding Sanu products. You might also want to check out something like this, one of the recent blog posts where my items have been featured.

Ohhhh, I know its geeky… but… well… maybe you might find it amusing! And at least it lets you know that I’ve been doing something creative, huh? That’s all for today folks… I’ll be back again tomorrow. This time, I promise it.