[image title=”Kat Johnston – Pip’s Quest: an epic tale of love, of loss, of bunnies and pretty little love-hearts!” size=”large” id=”1066″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston – Pip’s Quest: an epic tale of love, of loss, of bunnies and pretty little love-hearts!” linkto=”viewer” ]

So, since I’ve started integrating the Second Life me and the Real Life me into one nice big mega-me… perhaps you’d like to see what I’ve been doing, huh? I know I sent you onto my Second Life flickr account yesterday, but hell, this deserves a post of its own.

One of the fun things about Second Life is its ability to set up events such as these: hunts. With the opening of my new online store, I set up an interactive story which leads participants towards fun prizes, while following ‘Pip’s Quest’. Long story short, Pip is a bunny whose heart has been broken. It is up to the hunt participants to comb over an island I’ve created to find the pieces of his shattered heart and put it back together again. Each piece of the story gives a clue as to where the next piece is hidden. Fun, huh? Well, this is the signage which was done up for the event… a little rushed, but not tooo bad, either.

The story itself is presented in 10 parts and does come with the obligatory happy ending. It was written on the go, so its not as polished as it could be… but its just a bit of fun, really – never meant to take the world by storm. Since most of my current readership here probably won’t ever get the chance to read it in the game, I’ll post the first part here just for you! Please enjoy part one of Pip’s Quest.

“There is a tale among rabbits which is unlike any other, about a young buck by the name of Pip. Pip was a shy lad of tender years, still learning what it was to be a rabbit of his kind.

Though fully grown, he was still unsure of himself; had never revealed to his childhood companion Chloe that he adored her in more than a friendly way. He thought Chloe was the most beautiful doe in the warren, and for that matter, the world.

The moon rose above the water one evening, as he sat perched upon one of the over-sized toadstools that dotted the green of his home. His ear twitched, and drawing in a deep inwards breath, he bounded across to his secret love who was picking wildflowers nearby.

‘I love you!’ he cried, his little heart fluttering wildly in the hollow of his chest, ‘Chloe, I love you and I want you for my own!’

Chloe raised her head, a smile curving her mouth, her laughter dancing upon the evening breeze. ‘Oh Pip, you are a joker. Thank you so much for making me smile. Here. A little blue wildflower for your coat.’

Pip feigned a half-smile as he accepted his gift, pretending as best he could that his confession had been just as she said, a silly joke to make her laugh. But it had not been. His heart had been shattered.

‘I must go,’ thought Pip. ‘I must go, and gather them together again, else I shall never be complete. But this is no small task. Perhaps if I think on it, I will know best where to go next. I know this quest is urgent, but perhaps some meditation is in order before I continue on.’ He spied the zen gardens just a few hops away – Pip had started his quest.”