• Kat Johnston Art - When you get into a food fight, not everyone comes out on top... even if it is fun, ice-cream in your hair is not good.
  • I’ve been making some fun things recently – one of them has been an ice-cream in Second Life that sits atop your head and has a few drips scattered on the face. Its cute! However, not everyone is as dignified as I. This is Alex. She’s not a fan of having ice-cream messing up her hair, let alone her make-up. Suggestive as those little splatters are on her face, I swear I was thinking of ice-cream… nothing else, naughty people!

    I adore that she came out with a curve to her lips, lending her the start of a wry smile… a gleam in her eyes as she tries to resist showing her amusement. You know those times when despite the fact that you should be furious with someone, you can’t help wanting to laugh at the same time? When someone else’s infectious humor starts weaseling its way in even though you should be shaking your fist? Well, this is one of those times. For all that Alex here is grumbley, she’s quite amused at the ridiculous predicament she’s in too. Who wouldn’t be?

    And now to give you a peek at the item in question. The group for Sanu in SL has now peaked over the 350 mark – I celebrate each 50 with the release of a special gift, which in this case, happens to be ice-cream. Mmmm… tasty purple ice-cream… with a bunny on top! Yum!

  • *Sanu store group giftie! Yes, its ice-cream. Yes, there is a tiny little bunny perched on the top! With a flag!