• Kat Johnston Sketch - Mmmm, delicious, wonderful ice-cream. Wait.. is she going to be able to fit all that in? Eep!
  • Melissa is a cutie, isn’t she? She has a thing for ice-cream and has just created the most brilliant ice-cream ever. However, is she really going to be able to eat it all in time? My bet is on no, but I’d sure be willing to sit back and smirk as she gave it a go!

    Ice-cream two days in a row? Yes! I barely posted an image here of the new 350 members gift for my Sanu when along came another lot of people to swell the numbers over the 400 mark. Therefore, it was certainly time for another quick gift. This time I went for ice-cream again (ice-cream and sushi are my two current obsessions) but with epic proportions – seven scoops, with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top. Phew! Its now available in my group ‘Sanu Collars, Jewelry and More’ in Second Life, for all who are interested. After all, virtual success must be celebrated with as many people as possible.

    So, without further ado, let me present to you an image of the item in question – a meeting of virtual and reality, which makes my mouth water and gives me the urge to to scoot to the freezer and grab a scoop of my own favourite flavour (choc mint, in case you were curious). That’s all for today folks.

  • Sanu in Second Life - Ohhh, what's that there? A huuuuge ice-cream defying gravity? Why yes, I'll have one of those!