• Kat Johnston Sketch - Some days... I'm just not quite there.
  • Know how there are some days that you’re just not quite there, despite every effort you’ve been making to get with the program? Today’s just one of those days. Eh. They happen. And there is somewhat of an upside, when you think about it: without a ‘meh’ day, this little girlie would not have been drawn! And I think she’d be rather disappointed if she were left in the far less trafficked back rooms of my mind. At least I make it nice and cozy back there for them… and make sure they have plenty of cookies!

    Ok, onto the Sanu stuff for the day! For those SL readers, if you haven’t heard about the Greatest Love Gridwide Hunt yet, where have you been? I’ve been accepted into the hunt, and will be participating by offering my own little present for all of you celebrating this season of lurrrrve. That said, I’ve actually made it with a duel purpose in mind: while it is decorated with love-hearts, I do believe that it is suitable for all-year-round type wearing. Themed seasonal hunts are all fun and all, but I have to say, I hardly ever wear a generic Christmas costume after the Christmas season is over – same goes with Valentines.

    Therefore, just for you, here is a sneak peek at what I’m going to be giving for this hunt: a monocle and Marilyn piercing set, each of which is offered in 6 colour combinations, just for a nice amount of versitility. Keep an eye out – the hunt starts soon!

  • Sanu stuff: A close-up of my offering for the hunt item for the Greatest Love Gridwide Hunt.