• Kat Johnston Sketch - look! Its a little bitty owl. Isn't he ohhhh so cute? I think I need to do some more owls...
  • I actually meant to draw this little picture earlier today, but it was not until James inadvertently reminded me by doing something absolutely unrelated to either owls or baths that I remembered that I had to. You see, last night I was taking a nice relaxing bath, sans bubbles, and dozing away. Entirely focused on nothing in particular, my head lolled to the side and a little owl popped out at me from the tiling.

    His eyes went wide, quite startled at being found within the unevenly glazed surface of ceramics stretching along the wall. ‘Oh, oh my!’ said he, fluffing his feathered wings, ‘I certainly didn’t mean to disturb you.’

    ‘Oh, no bother,’ said I, ‘Please, sit a while and talk with me?’

    So he did, and it was rather an interesting conversation, when all is said and done. There is a lot that a little owl within a tile knows, for although he exists only by a trick of the light and stray smattering of a darker shade upon light, he actually seems rather well versed in the ways of the world. That said, he is an owl. They’re meant to be smart!

  • Sanu Stuff: a close-up of a work in progress... a locket with a difference.
  • Ok, talk of bathroom banter with imaginary owls aside, onto a little bit about Sanu today. The picture above is a capture I took today of a little something I’m working on – a cameo set featuring a bunny I recently put together for the project. Although in this image it seems of a relatively decent size, it is as tiny as can be – I do so love to torture those teensie tiny prims, I do!

    Its a lot of work, but I have to say… the results are just as I wished them, at least at this point. Elegant, refined, ridiculously over-detailed with teensie tiny pieces and a touch of humor to boot. Well… that’s Sanu for you!