• Kat Johnston Sketch - this is maggie... I was testing out a new pen.
  • I was wandering casually up and down the aisles at the supermarket no more than a block away from my home, perusing the shelves stacked full of various things splashed with a gaudy display of imagery supposedly intended to urge me to buy them, to set them above and beyond their paler, dowdier cousins. And yet, there tucked away in a dusty corner of the stationary section with a home-brand label on them lay a set of ‘5 gel ink pens’, rather modestly sealed in their little plastic pocket. They were thirty cents. I needed them – not need need, but wanted nonetheless.

    Therefore, after stuffing my basket full of all the strict necessities (you know… feta, lettuce, a kilo of stuffed green olives…) and my thirty cent set of gel ink pens, I paid for my goods and headed home. The groceries went away, lunch was prepared… two turkey salad sandwiches, in case you were curious… and I skipped downstairs, plonked my plate down, took a delicious first bite and reached for my sketchbook.

    You see, the fun thing about new pens, is finding out just what their quirks are, quite what the colour is like… quite how you’re going to use them. You see, not all pens are created equal – the smooth, confident strokes of one just may not feel comfortable with another. On top of that, there is the colour – the blue of this particular pen makes me all gooey on the inside. Its a perfect, rich, gorgeous shade of blue, rather than a pale, washed out imitator of such a brilliant hue. Oh the disappointment of finding out that that perfect looking pen has uninspiring ink! Such things are a travesty.

    Anyhow… above was the test piece for one of my five gel ink pens… though I really only need to test three – luckily for me, for my thirty cents I got blue, black and even a nice looking red!

    On the Sanu front, I’ve just released my new set – two sets, actually, though they are really the one split into two parts. The bunny featured just a couple of days ago is the focus, which, if you buy both parts contains a massive 28 pieces. Here’s a couple of images of them, for those who haven’t checked them out in store yet.

  • Sanu Stuff: the signage for the Cameo set part 1.
  • Gotta love a jewelry set that comes complete with mini top-hats and finely detailed eye-patches, yes? Well… I think so, anyway. Sorry, you may just have to zoom in close to see any detail on these ones… I told you the other day they were small!

  • Sanu Stuff: The second image for the Sanu Cameo set... this time, part 2!