[image title=”Kat Johnston Art: An unlikely hero is the title of this piece… and… that’s it!” size=”large” id=”1109″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Art: An unlikely hero is the title of this piece… and… that’s it!” linkto=”viewer” ]

The third day of testing my new ‘thirty cents for a pack of five’ pens – this time, giving black a whirl. I like it! Luckily, it actually takes a fairly tragic pen for me to dislike the black of the black. The blues and the reds are far more difficult to get just right.

I’ve named this one ‘An Unlikely Hero’, though oddly enough, I don’t know quite what happened to propel her to hero status! Perhaps it has something to do with that little headdress she is wearing… or maybe it has something to do with the way she ended up with that birds-nest of a hair style. Either way, I have a feeling that the way she became a hero is as unlikely as her seemingly heroic nature. Perhaps she is an accidental hero? A hero of chance?

Perhaps she is a secret princess who was raised as a pig-herd in an adoptive family, while only finding out that she must rise to hero status because she exhibits the royal family’s hereditary birthmark and the kingdom can only be saved by her? She found a sword lodged in a stone and went ‘Oh, that shouldn’t be there! Let me find the right spot for this,’ and lugged it home? Ok, so that’s more of a princely thing, but I say that there is no harm in flipping the tables every now and then. Stories of enterprising princesses-to-be appeal to me.

Ah well… as with some of my other pictures, I don’t always get a perfect read. We’ll see how I go tomorrow.