• Kat Johnston Sketch - this is my lady Morganine. She has 27 cats, a dozen rats, and a cute little fish named Rover.
  • I’m really enjoying these pens – it is fun to work in a style that compliments them. It is a little different from the way I would use one of my regular bic pens. Certainly is fun though!

    This little character today I’ve named Morganine. She’s a quirky lass – she has 27 cats, a dozen rats and a cute little fish named Rover. She’s not understood by most, but that’s ok. Sometimes the most brilliant minds have been considered a little eccentric. Although she could be considered a crazy cat lady with 27 felines calling her place home, she has all her wits about her and perhaps a few besides. She’s a cunning young bat and no mistake!

    Ok, a little something about Sanu. As I’ve released to my group, my store is currently being forced to move to a new location. Don’t worry! I will keep the mainstore up where it is as long as I can and I will do my best to make the transition to wherever I set up next seamless. I’m incredibly disappointed that things have turned out the way they have – I’ve been in my new mainstore there for only a couple of weeks. However, I can’t help but to see this as an opportunity too – as unfortunate as events have played out, I can see it as a boon. I’ll be back and better than ever in no time! Keep an eye out here for updates on progress.