• Kat Johnston sketch - a little something I was toying with... its a bunny, and its blue!
  • I was having a flick through my sketchbook, looking for a blank page on which to scribble, and I came across a page I had played on with those blow-marker thingies… you know, you connect a little tube to the marker, then blow, creating a splattering smattering effect across your page, or quite carefully rendered within the borders of a premade stencil you have lovingly prepared. I did it without the stencil.

    So, peeking at this spray of blue, I went ‘what does it need? A bunny, of course!’ Needless to say, this flash of genius resulted in me drawing a bunny and I do adore him, I do. There’s just something way too fun about taking something bright and vivid then adding a bold black line to bring it to life. Mmmm… yum!